Academic Lecture of Prof. Dave Chadwick from Environment Centre Wales, Bangor University, UK
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Professor Dave Chadwick in the field of Sustainable Land Use Systems from the School of Environment, Natural Resources and Geography (SENRGY) at Bangor University will visit ISA, CAS from April 23 to 25, 2017.
        Arrangement of the Academicl Lectures:
        10:00-11:30 Manure management: GHG emissions and mitigation. (Prof. Dr. David Chadwick)
        11:30-12:00 RS-NFSC joint proposal, Newton fund discussion and Joint experiment about greenhouse gas emission, C and P turnover design, etc. (Tida Ge chaired)
        Time: 10:00 on April 24.
        Venue: Meeting Room 207
        Contact: Prof. GE Tida
        Brief Introduction of the Reporter:
        Dave Chadwick is the Professor in Sustainable Land Use Systems in the School of Environment, Natural Resources and Geography (SENRGY) at Bangor University. His interests are in the management of livestock manures and other organic resources to optimise nutrient utilisation whilst minimising impacts on water and air quality. This includes; quantifying and mitigating greenhouse gas emissions, reducing the risk of transfers of pollutants to watercourses, and understanding the secondary impacts of mitigating diffuse agricultural pollution. He currently leads the Defra/Devolved Administrations funded consortium project to Improve the UK Agricultural Nitrous Oxide Inventory (InveN2Ory project), one of three projects delivering to the UK GHG Platform (
        As well as publishing refereed scientific papers (see below), he also contributes to policy and practice, including:
        • Co-authorship of two Chapters in the 8th Edition of the Fertiliser Manual (RB209) - Organic Manures and Grassland Fertiliser Recommendations (
        • Contribution to the User Guide-ALL – an inventory of methods and their effects on diffuse pollutants from agriculture (
        • Policy and Practice note on reducing the risk of FIO rransfers to water
        • Policy brief on improving manure nutrient management practices in China towards sustainable Intensification in China (