ISA, BU to Enhance Scientific Cooperation
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Sponsored by the program of Chinese Academy of Sciences Visiting Professorships for Senior International Scientists, Prof. Davey Jones, a Professorial Chair in Soil and Environmental Science of School of the Environment, Natural Resources & Geography at Bangor University (BU) began his first visit in Institute of Subtropical Agriculture (ISA) from January 4. His doctoral student Paula Robert came along with him.
Prof. Jones worked closely with soil environment & ecology group of ISA led by chief researcher WU Jinshui during the visit. First, Prof. Jones and Dr. Paula Roberts gave series of lectures about Nitrogen cycling in soils, Human pathogen transfer in soil-water environments, Endocrine disrupting chemical behaviour in the rhizosphere etc. More than 60 researchers and students from ISA and Hunan Agricultural University attended these lectures. After the lecture, BU researchers discussed some hot issues, such as below-ground processes, nutrients and human pathogen behavior in soil-plant-microbial systems with each other. At the same time, they also gave training to relevant scientists and students to design conduct and write their own studies.
Although it is the first time that Prof. Davey Jones and Dr Paula Roberts have visited China, both sides have got satisfying results and hope to expand the areas of cooperation and increase the level of exchange in the future.

 Davey Jones is delivering lectures

 Visiting Changsha Jinjing Sation