High-end Foreign Expert Kazuyuki Inubushi Visits ISA
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Professor Kazuyuki Inubushi, the member of High-end Foreign Expert Team Project funded by State Foreign Expert Bureau, visited Institute of Subtropical Agriculture, Chinese Academy of Sciences (ISA) from October 25th to 31st for the third time.

On behalf of the graduate school of horticulture of Chiba University, Inubushi exchanged the bilaterally signed memorandum of union (MOU) on academic communication and cooperation with Director WU Jinshui, ISA. According to the MOU, the two parties will develop cooperation in aspects of dispatching staffs, holding academic seminar together and jointly applying projections.

Moreover, he gave a lecture named Effect of soil amendment on methane emission from paddy soil and yield. In the lectures, he introduced the newest researches of his group. After the lecture, he discussed with the young faculties and students on the detail of how to design experiments, how to write papers, and how to compile and analyze data. When came to the issue of paper writing, he emphasized the importance of title. He pointed out that a good title of an essay can make a deep first impression on others. Then he listed the important points of manuscript for scientific journal, including objectives, literature survey, originality, unique point and focus which need to be sharp and depicted by not too many data.

Inubushi focused his research interest on soil ecology under the global change, especially on research of biogeochemistry process of Southeast Asia paddy soil, and has published nearly 100 papers on renowned Journals, such as GCB, SBB, BFS and so on. He once was a workfellow in the Institute of International Rice Research and Rothamsted Research of The United Kingdom. He was awarded the Prize of Japanese Soil Science and Plant Nutrition Institute, and Oze Award of The World of Wetland Research. He serves as President of Japanese Soil Science and Plant Nutrition Institute, Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition and Regional Editor of Journal of Biology and Fertility of Soil.