The 2011 Annual Conference for Ecological Society of China

  The 2011 Annual Conference for Ecological Society of China will be held on 21-24 October, 2011, in Changsha, China.

  The conference is hosted by the Ecological Society of China (ESC) and is organized in close cooperation with the Institute of Subtropical Agriculture, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

  The major theme of the conference is ecological science innovation and harmonious development promotion. Twenty-nine topics will be discussed during the session:

  *Global climatic changes and low carbon eco-city planning and construction;

  *Ecological value assessment and ecological capital calculation;

  *Ecosystem processes research based on flux observation;

  *Eco-hydrological processes on new drainage basin;

  * Management of subtropical ecosystem: Processes and manipulation;

  *Exploring education space, realizing multiple cultivation goals;

  *Review and prospect of scientific research on the nature reserve;

  *Forest and climate change;

  * Mechanism in carbon sequestration and biological manipulation for forest soils;

  * Ecological study on soil microbiotic crust in cold and arid regions;

  * Ecological engineering and technology of wetland agriculture;

  * Circular and low carbon agriculture;

  * Protection and construction of rural ecological environment;

  * Ecological restoration of contaminate environment and harmonious development;

  * Plant functional ecology;

  * Urban environmental changes and ecological construction of low-carbon city;

  * Ecological models and mathematical ecology;

  * Strengthening touristic ecological research, ensuring sustainable development of tourism;

  * Ecological health and risk assessment;

  *Scientific development and social responsibility of ecological healthy enterprise;

  * Research on marine biodiversity and ecosystem management;

  * Landscape planning and landscape management;

  * Application of ecological engineering theory and technology;

  * Animal ecology and conservation;

  * Animal physiology and behavior adaptation;

  * Study on the "preservation of ecology"---new hope for biodiversity conservation;

  *Restoration of vegetation in degraded lands and optimization of plantations;

  * Ecological culture and ecological civilization;

  * Multi-scale study on plant population dynamic


  The registration date is on October 21st, 2011. The registration fee is RMB¥700 for ESC member, RMB¥900 for non-ESC member and RMB¥500 for students.

  ●Accommodation: (5 stars) (4 stars)

  ●Post-Conference Field Trip:

  Option A

  One-day Field Trip to Shaoshan (the hometown of Chairman Mao) and Huaming building (the hometown of Liu Shaoqi).

  Option B

  Three-day Field Trip in Zhangjiajie

  ●More information

  About academics, please contact with:

  Song Aiyun

  Phone: 86-010-62849101; Fax: 86- 010-62849113


  About conference arrangement, please contact with:

  Wen Zaikun

  Phone: 86-0731-84615206; Fax: 86-0731-84612685



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