Forum of Scientific Frontier and Research Innovation in Agro-Ecology

Time: 3rd May, 2012
Place: Institute of Subtropical Agriculture, Chinese Academy of Sciences

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 Wu Jinshui











opening address

Speaker: Wang Kelin (director of Institute of Subtropical Agriculture, CAS)
Feng Renguo(deputy director of Bureau of Science and Technology for Resource and Environment, CAS)


Academic report 1: The coupling method of landscape pattern and ecological hydrologic process

Expert: Fu Bojie (academician from Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, CAS )


Academic report 2: The biological geochemistry and regulation of southwest karst district
Expert: Liu Congqiang (Institute of Geochemistry, CAS)

     Tea break: 10:20-10:30
 Wu Jinshui





 Academic report 3: Comprehending foundation research

Expert: Song Changqing (The National Natural Science Fund Committee)


Academic report 4: The efforts on N, P regulation of Japan

Expert: Professor大坪国順(Japan National Institute from Environmental Studies)

 Wang Ke-lin









 Academic report 5: The value of long-term field experiments in soil agricultural and ecological research

Expert:Brookes Philip Charles(Rothamsted Research, UK)


 Academic report 6: The development and application of evaluation system on the N, P cycle of basin circle

Expert: Wang Qinxue(Japan National Institute from Environmental Studies)


Academic report 7: MICE foundation and scientific research practice of the postgraducate 
Expert: Shan Mingan (Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, CAS)

     Resting time: 14:20-14:30
 Wang Ke-lin 15:00-15:40

 Academic report 8: The new method of soil infiltration performance measurement

Expert: Lei Tingwu (China Agricultural University)



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