Lecture Course——Application of Isotopes in Ecosystem Sciences

Lecture Course——Application of Isotopes in Ecosystem Sciences


Prof. Dr. Yakov Kuzyakov

Scope:  All master/PhD students and researchers interested in isotopes applications

Term:   the first half of March, 2015      9:00 – 17:00

        (The exact term will be informed in our second announcement)

Place:  Institute of Subtropical Agriculture (ISA), the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)

Registration: Dr Zhenke Zhu zhuzhenke@isa.ac.cn

              Prof. Tida Ge gtd@isa.ac.cn


Extended Information: www.uni-goettingen.de/en/123620.html

The course will cover the following topics:

-       Introduction, stable and radioactive isotopes, tracers

-      Labeling and natural abundance, Tracer approaches

-      Analytics of stable and radioactive isotopes

-      Applications of isotopes in soil – plant – relationships studies

-        C and N input by plants into the soil                        14C, 13C, 15N, δ13C

-        C turnover and soil organic matter studies        14C, 13C, 15N, δ13C

-       Estimation of erosion by isotopes                         137Cs, 210Pb, 7Be

-        Autoradiography and phosphor imaging                14C, 33P, 32P, …

-        Isotope dilution method                                        15N

-        Bomb-14C                                                                 14C

-        Dating approaches                         14C, 87Rb-87Sr, 40K-40Ar, U-Pb, 3H, 10Be

-        Intra-molecular, compound-specific and bulk isotope patterns in C3 and C4 plants

-        Future developments: Coupling of isotopes with molecular biology and biomarkers

For more information about the course: www.uni-goettingen.de/en/123620.html


Brief introduction about the speaker:

Dr. Yakov Kuzyakov’s research covers major areas in soil ecology and biogeochemistry, such as C sequestration, C/N turnover, CO2 fluxes, nutrients, rhizosphere processes, priming effects, soil chemistry, bio-degradation, etc. Applications of stable and radioactive isotopes.

Prof. Kuzyakov published more than 200 referred journal papers.

He is on the Editorial Boards of European Journal of Soil Biology, Soil Biology & Biochemistry, Plant & Soil, and Journal of Plant Nutrition & Soil Science.

Prof. Kuzyakov have been working in Germany, Russia, China, USA, UK, Africa, and during 2014, he works as a visiting professor in the CAS, with Prof. Tida Ge as his host.

Welcome all young scientists interested in isotope applications!


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