Agenda for Prof. Kazuyuki Inubushi's visiting

Soil Environment & Ecology Group

Institute of Subtropical Agriculture,Chinese Academy of Sciences ((ISA)

Graduate School of Horticulture

Chiba University,Japan


28th April - 9th May, 2015


Room 1st floor, Meeting room of ISA, CAS


Prof. Dr. Kazuyuki Inubushi (Chiba University)


Staff and students in the Soil Environment & Ecology Group, ISA, CAS

Others from College of Resource and Environment, Hunan Agricultural University

(about 20-30 persons)


Prof. Dr. Kazuyuki Inubushi holds a Professorial Chair in soil science, soil microbiology and microbial ecology in Graduate School of Horticulture, Chiba University. He studied at International Rice Research Institute, Philippines and worked at Rothamsted Experimental Station, UK. He was awarded in International Society of Soil Science for Excellent Poster Presentation, also in Japanese Society of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, and Oze Award on Wetland Research. His current research interests are global environmental changes in relation to soil science, particularly in Southeast Asian countries. Now, he also is the board member of Japanese Society of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, Editor-in-Chief of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition; Regional Editor of Biology and Fertility of Soil.


April 28th, 2015 (Tuesday)

Xiaohong Wu welcomes at Changsha Huanghua airport

Dinner and check in Xingsha Huatian Hotel

April 29th, 2015 (Wednesday)

9:30-12:00 Data check and discussion

12:00-14:30 Lunch time and Rest

14:30-14:45 Welcomes

14:45-16:00 Scientific manuscript preparation and suggestion (Prof. Dr. Kazuyuki Inubushi)

16:00-17:00 Discussion and lab visiting

April 30th, 2015 (Thursday)

9:30-12:30 Field tour to Changsha Research Station for Agricultural Environment Observation

12:30-14:00 Lunch

15:00-17:00 Data check and discussion

May 1st, 2015 (Friday)

9:30- Apply Chinese bank card (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China), Changsha City tour, climb hills and visit museum etc.

May 2st, 2015 (Saturday)

Rest and free time

May 3nd to 4th, 2015 (Sunday-Monday)

Visiting Guangdong Institute of Eco-environmental and Soil Sciences (GIESS)

May 5th, 2015 (Tuesday)

10:00-12:00 Data check and discussion

12:00-14:30 Lunch time and Rest

15:00-16:30 Microbial biomass and diversity in paddy soil (Prof. Dr. Kazuyuki Inubushi)


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