Isotope, Biomarker & Enzyme Applications in Ecosystem Sciences

Isotope, Biomarker & Enzyme Applications in Ecosystem Sciences                                            

Prof. Dr. Yakov Kuzyakov


Scope:All master/PhD students and researchers interested in isotopes applications

Term:16-18, June, 2016, 9:00-17:00 (2 days to the isotopes, 0.5 day to biomarkers and 0.5 to enzymes)            

Place:Institute of Subtropical Agriculture (ISA), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)

Registration:Dr. Zhenke Zhu(E-mail:; Tel: 18175130837)

Ms. Hongzhen Jing (E-mail:; Tel: 18570628006)

Prof. Tida Ge (E-mail:; Tel: 18673122782)


The course will cover the following topics: (Extended information:

*Introduction, Stable and radioactive isotopes, Tracers

*Labeling and natural abundance, Tracer approaches

*Analytics of stable and radioactive isotopes

*Applications of isotopes in soil-plant-relationships studies

*C and N input by plants into the soil                        14C, 13C, 15N, δ13C

*C turnover and soil organic matter studies        14C, 13C, 15N, δ13C

*Erosion estimation by isotopes                         137Cs, 210Pb, 7Be

*Autoradiography and imaging                                14C, 33P, 32P, ...

*Isotope dilution method                                        15N

*Bomb-14C                                                                 14C

*Intra-molecular, compound-specific and bulk isotope patterns in C3 and C4 plants

*Future developments: Coupling of isotopes with molecular biology and biomarkers

For more information about the course:

The course include also lectures to

*Biomarkers in soil science: Background, Analyses & Applications(held by Anna Gunina)

*Enzymes in soil microbiology: Background & Applications, Soil Zymography (held by Bahar Razavi)

Brief introduction of the speakers:

Dr. Yakov Kuzyakov's research covers major areas in soil ecology and biogeochemistry, such as C sequestration, C/N turnover, CO2 fluxes, nutrients, rhizosphere processes, priming effects, bio-degradation, etc. Applications of stable and radioactive isotopes.

Prof. Kuzyakov is Highly Cited Researcher, and published more than 200 referred journal papers.

He is on the Editorial Boards of European Journal of Soil Biology, Soil Biology & Biochemistry, Plant & Soil, and Journal of Plant Nutrition & Soil Science.

Prof. Kuzyakov have been working in Germany, Russia, China, USA, UK, Africa, and during 2014, he works as a visiting professor in the CAS, with Prof. Tida Ge as his host.

Anna Gunina apply isotopic approaches and biomarkers for analyses of C turnover and aggregate formation

Bahar Razavi use and develop methods of enzyme activities (including soil zymography) for microbial processes

Welcome all scientists interested in isotope, biomarker & enzyme applications!


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