Academic Report

At the invitation of Prof. Wu Jinshui, the postdoctoral fellow of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the Harvard University School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Dr. LI Yimei visited China from May 4 to May 5 2017 for academic lectures and exchanges.

Report time: May 5 (Friday) 9:30

Content :

Wettability-patterned microchip for high-throughput bioanalysis  (Dr. LI Yiwei)

Location: Room 207

Contact: HUANG Xizhi  GE Tida

About the Speaker:

Dr. Li Yiwei graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in school of Life Science and Technology in 2016. He is also a joint doctoral student of Harvard University. Since 2016, he is a post-doctoral fellow in Department of Mechanical Engineering in Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and School of Engineering and Applied Sciences in Harvard University. His research interests are mainly focused on stem cell mechanics, the microscopic environment of tumor mechanics, aiming to comprehensively understand how mechanics regulates cell function and related diseases, and builds mechanics-based engineering methods for stem cell regenerative medicine and tumor therapy. He also used a microfluidic chip platform to integrate high-throughput bioanalytical methods from single cell scale to complex bio-microarchitecture by integrating wetting advanced materials, biological imaging, and sequencing. He had published 10 articles in the Advanced Materials Materials, Analytical Chemistry, Lab Chip and other international top journals, and applied 9 international inventions and utility model patents, gave oral report in the international academic conference. Special reviewers of Small, Oncotarget, RSC Adv..


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