Centre of Regional Agro-ecology
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The current research of this centre concentrates are as follows:

Regional agro-eco-systems and sustainable development

Studying the succession processes of agro-ecosystems integrating  productivity with environmental issues in different ecological  environments of subtropical regions,and developing techniques and optimum models to remedy degraded ecosystems in the Karst region; studying the cycling of nutrients and water, and optimum models for agro-forestry systems in the red-earth  hilly region; studying the succession of land-use and hydro-ecological systems, and  developing models for agro-ecosystems in the Dongting lake region.



Dynamics and manipulation of processes in subtropical agro-ecosystems

Investigating the mechanisms regulating  the spatial variations of organic C, N,and P in various types of landscape; demonstrating the potential of paddy soils for C sequestration and  biochemical transformation of N and P; developing models to simulate C cycling and predicting changes in soil organic C; manipulating the processes of subtropical agro-ecosystems with high-productivity, efficient use of resources,and environmental safety.