Taoyuan Station for Agro-ecosystem Research
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As a research base for agricultural and forestry ecosystems in red-earth hilly region, Taoyuan Station (111°27′E,28°55′N) was founded in 1978. This Station has been established with 6 long-term (over 16years) field experiments with various management regimes under paddy, upland and agro-forestry ecosystems, and facilities for monitoring runoff, nutrients and related environmental elements, and a parallel site for field observation and demonstration. It has been certified as a member of the Chinese Ecosystem Research Network (CERN) and the National Field Research Stations of China. It is also a national base for scientific activities of the teenagers. The Research fields of this station: changes and causes of regional agro-ecosystems and its environmental elements, structure and succession of the complex agro-ecosystem, and its relationship with productivity, mechanisms of ecological restoration and vegetation & soil coordination.

 Research building  A long-term experiment for the succession of ecosystems