Achievements and Application
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  Our institute has been presiding a series of “973”,”863” projects, other important national projects, national outstanding young scientist funds, important national science projects, knowledge innovation projects of CAS, and other international corporation projects. The ability of research in the agro-ecological system is improved significantly. The total fund and output increased dramatically. Our institute has been awarded a number of important national and provincial awards.  

  Demonstration in eliminating poverty:


  A series of new maize varieties bred in the institute have spread over 1M hm2 in the subtropical regions of China.

  Rice straw applied as a medium to manipulate organic matter and nutrient crossing paddy and upland agro-eco-systems in red-earth hilly region.

  A series of contamination-free pig feed additives have been developed and used in China and other countries, including Southeast Asia and France.

  A new bio-technique developed to manipulated potassium nutrition of tobacco, and applied in south China.