Hunan Association of Animal Nutrition and Ecological Environment
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  Director: Yin Yulong

  Secretary-General: Li Tiejun

  Telephone number:(86)-731-4619706 

  Fax: (86)-731-4612685 

  The Association is directly led and supervised by Hunan Agricultural Association, and guided by Research Society of Trace Elements and Food Chains of China Agricultural Association. Anchored to the Institute of Subtropical Agriculture, the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

  Purpose of this Association is the unity and organization of animal nutrition and the food chain in Hunan Province scientific and technological workers to carry out academic activities, to strengthen the branch with the brothers (the Association) of horizontal linkages, science and technology for the prosperity of Hunan province, to promote "science and technology revitalizing Hunan" strategy of sustainable development. The implementation of the outcome of the promotion, a talent, to accelerate the production of animal husbandry science and technology development and make due contributions to the modernization. To promote this branch of dialectical materialism, the "hundred flowers blossom and a hundred schools of thought contend" and the scientific attitude of seeking truth from facts, and good style of study, full play to democracy, the freedom to carry out academic discussions. The promotion of this branch to "seek the reality, truth, work together, and innovation" the spirit of science and ethics, the promotion of basic theory, applied research work to strengthen. The activities of this Association to comply with national laws, regulations, compliance with social morality.

  This will be more than 240 current members, mainly in the capital of the tertiary institutions, research institutes and industry across the province in charge of city departments and technology promotion units, with wide representation. Group members 7. Its main task is to: ⑴ organizations multidisciplinary scientific and technical personnel to carry out special studies in science and technology to carry out inspection and technical appraisal; ⑵ on the production of agricultural and food industry and medical fields of science and technology advice; ⑶ international and domestic academic exchanges.