Introduction of Ecological Society of Hunan Province (ESHP)
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Ecological Society of Hunan Province (ESHP), under the leadership of Communist Party of China, is an academic mass group composed by Hunan province ecological science and technology workers, a voluntary non-profit social organization, and an integral part of Hunan Science and Technology Association. It was established in January 1980, with 7 corporate members, 1129 individual members, and linked Institute of Subtropical Agriculture, Chinese Academy of Sciences since its founding.

ESHP supports to the Chinese Communist Party's basic line and the guideline “Let a hundred flowers blossom and a hundred schools of thoughts contend”, advocates dialectical materialism, carries out the policy "economy construction must rely on science and technology, science and technology must be oriented to economic construction", and advocates extensively the scientific spirit of truth-seeking, innovation, collaboration and dedication and the cautious, realistic excellent style of study among scientific and technological workers, with brainstorming for the implementation of “Prospering the Nation” and “sustainable development” strategies, and contributing for speeding up the process on the realization of China's modernization.

ESHP accepts the operational guidance and supervision and management from the Ecological Society of China, Hunan Science and Technology Association, and Hunan Province Civil Affairs Department.

The major businesses of ESHP include organizing members to carry out the academic exchanges related to the field of ecological sciences, organizing discussion on keystone academic subjects, and promoting scientific research; accepting the commission of research projects on ecological science and technology, organizing the assessment of scientific and technological achievements, and conducting science and technology advisory services; positively carrying out academic exchanges at home and abroad, strengthening friendly ties with domestic and foreign ecological science and technology groups, and workers in science and technology; popularizing ecological science and technology knowledge, propagating advanced technology, conducing training courses, improving diligently the workers’ academic level in ecological science and technology; holding a variety of activities for members services; reflecting the views and voices from ecological science and technology workers, and safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of scientists and technicians; recommending talents and awarding science and technology workers acquired outstanding achievements in ecological research and technique popularization fields.

The chairman of ESHP Hunan Province is Professor Kelin Wang from Institute of Subtropical Agriculture, CAS.