Innovation Goals
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The scientific and technological innovation goals of the Institute of Subtropical Agriculture (ISA) are to develop knowledge  and  techniques  for  improving  the  utilization  and  management of agricultural resources, and for constructing the South  agricultural  research  and demonstration platform, and for establishing sustainable agro-ecosystems  in the  subtropical  regions  of  China.  The research subjects in ISA have further extended to three landscape regions (lowland, hilly and Karst), and  will achieve significant progresses of research capacities in the areas  which  are  highly  concerning  to improve  the  agricultural  production and environmental quality in the subtropical region of China.

Main goals of researches as planned are as follows:

i) To develop  an  approach  using  modern  information  systems  to quantitatively evaluate changes in agricultural ecosystems for the subtropical regions in China, in special that can be used for the Karst region with large land variations.

ii) To develop the methodology which can spatially quantify the dynamics, fluxes, and changes in C, N, P, and other important elements in agricultural ecosystems (nutrients or contaminants) in landscape scale, and simulate models.

iii) To develop the new methods of molecular nutrition for studying animal N and P metabolism, regulation of immune functions, emission  reduction  of N and P, and  to  develop  the  technology  of improving the utilization efficiency in the subtropical hilly grassland. Make breakthrough in the AA metabolism in animal tissues and organs.

iv) To clone key genes of submergence, cold or  drought tolerance  in rice and maize and to develop new rice and maize varieties with herbicide and drought resistance.