Animal Nutritionists Assembled in Changsha for Symposium
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More than 40 animal nutritionists from home and abroad discussed the latest research progress and hot spots of currently animal nutrition and feed science during the 9th National Congress of Animal Nutrition Science Branch in Chinese Association of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine (CAAV), namely, the 11th Animal Nutrition Symposium on Oct 19-21 in Changsha, Hunan province. This meeting attracted about 1500 scholars, researchers, business technical representatives and postgraduates as well.
Two animal nutritionists, honorary president of nutrition science branch-academician ZHANG Ziyi and professor LU Dexun are invited to make reports on “the connotation of innovation and extension of territory development of animal nutrition study” and “the development strategy research and innovation of animal nutrition” separately, whose reports resonated widely in conventioneers.
"We need, by using this platform, to discuss frontier research and hot topics in the field of animal nutrition," said LIU Jianxin, director of the 8th council when addressing the opening ceremony. Talking about topics for the symposium this year-resource conservation and friendly environment, LIU said: "We are now stepping into a new stage. What measures are used in raising livestock nowadays? And after so many years of research, which measures are really effective? Which feed additives are really safe? Which ways have least pollution to environment? We have to think about those questions not only for ourselves, but for our posterity."
During the symposium, 40 experts at home and abroad and 100 outstanding postgraduates gave presentations in six parallel sessions around the theme “Resource, Environment, Security, Health”, face - to - face exchanging in an extensive way about research on pig nutrition, poultry nutrition, ruminant nutrition and aquatic animal nutrition, feed resources, feed additive and animal nutrition research methods. 51 reviews and 160 research papers covering all areas of animal nutrition are discussed and exchanged in the symposium. The number and the coverage of report papers rank the first among the previous academic exchanges, fully displaying the cutting-edge scientific research and innovative product information of animal nutrition field.
Meanwhile, two books-Animal Nutrition Research Status-2012 and the Anthology of the Eleventh Animal Nutrition Symposium, including 37 reviews and 643 paper abstracts were published, and new council members are elected in the symposium.
CAAV was established in Nanjing in 1936 and the Animal Nutrition Science Branch of CAAC was found in Wuhan in 1980. The Animal Nutrition Symposium is convened every four years, aimed at sustaining and guiding the development of animal nutrition science and strengthening exchange and cooperation between research institutes, universities and companies. It is the second time that the Animal Nutrition Symposium convened in Changsha since 1992. The symposium of this year is jointly organized by Institute of Subtropical Agriculture, Chinese Academy of Sciences (ISA), Hunan Agricultural University(HAU) and the State Key Laboratory of Animal Nutrition , Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences(SKLAN, CAAS).