Prof. Hugo Rodolphe de Jonge from the Netherlands Visits ISA
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At the invitation of Academician YIN Yulong of Research Center for Livestock and Poultry Health, Institute of Subtropical Agriculture (ISA), Chinese Academy of Sciences, Prof. Hugo Rodolphe de Jonge from the Netherlands visited institute from September 22nd to 26th.

On September 22nd, Prof. Hugo Rodolphe de Jonge gave a keynote report entitled “Use of organoid technology in Studies of intestinal ion transport diseases and nutrition”. In his speech, he mainly introduced the definition, development history, current utilization, new findings by his group and potential use in animal nutrition of intestinal organoids. He showed numerous data, images and animation about intestinal organoids.

All researchers and graduate students were interested in his topic and attracted by his knowledge and research, and asked a lot of interesting questions. Prof. Hugo Rodolphe de Jonge replied all questions and gave the confidence and orientation about using intestinal organoids as a robust model for animal nutrition study.

During the visit, the two sides signed a cooperation agreement, which laid the foundation for further joint training of graduate students and mutual exchange of researchers.

Prof. Hugo Rodolphe de Jonge is an internationally renowned expert in biochemistry and intestinal physiology, he engages in studies about cystic fibrosis receptor (CFTR), and transmembrane signaling of guanosine and uroguanylin by using 2D and 3D intestinal organoids, explores new ways to prevent excessive salt and water loss in irritable bowel syndrome caused by diarrheal diseases and diarrhea. He has published more than 100 scientific papers in the international journals, and has a cumulative impact factor of over 700. He has served as editor of journals including the Biochemical Journal, Journal of Cystic Fibrosis, Biochimica Biophysica Acta, and Physiological Reports, etc.

Prof. Hugo Rodolphe de Jonge gives a lecture(Image by ISA)


Prof. Hugo Rodolphe de Jonge communicates with teachers and students(Image by ISA)