Seminar of Healthful Aquaculture



April 23-29,2015


Room 1st floor,Meeting room of ISA,CAS


Professor Francois Blachier, France



8:40-9:40 Disorders of the digestive system:diamheal diseases and nutritional treatment .(Prof.Dr.Francois Blachier)

9:40-10:40 Disorders of the digestive system in the large intestine:inflammatory bowel disease and colorectal cancer.(Prof.Dr.Francois Blachier)

10:40-11:20 Difference in education between China and France.(Lu Cong)

11:20-12:40 Discussion


8:30-9:10 Nutritional and physiological function of amino acids in pigs:the key points.(Prof.Dr.Francois Blachier)

9:10-10:10 Research progress for Vaccine adjuvant and rapid detection of cord blood.(Dr.Yu Zhengjun)

10:10-11:10 Nutritional requirement of mordern pigs(Dr.Deng Dun)

14:30-17:30 Seminar of healthful aquaculture

Prof.Francois Blachier is the research director of INRA(National Institute of Agronomic Research).He conducts research in nutrition and physiology of amino acids for many years,and becomes the most famous experts of amino acids nutrition. He published more than 100 journal papers about protein metabolism and enteral nutrition.The total cited more than 1900 times ,the H-index up to 26.

Lu Cong,was graduated from Paris Tech,majored at food nutrition.Now,He works in Vivo NSA as a business manager.

Yu Zhengjun, was the veterinarian director of Yangxiang Group.He got a Doctor’s degree from academician Chen Huanchun.He brought forward that we can monitore and prevention disease by gauging cord blood.

Deng Dun,Technology R & D center director of Tangrenshen Group.


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